Kathy Tough, introduced our speaker, her daughter, Jennifer Tough . Jennifer is a venture traveller - she has travelled to 16 countries. In a podcast, Jennifer was once asked why she travels - she said she got the travel bug from her parents who took Jennifer and her sister out of school when Jennifer was eight years old for a 15-month sailing trip. 
Jennifer began her presentation by explaining what the word "adventure" means to her. Specifically, the word adventure is simply a word for the challenges we encounter in our lives. Jennifer then went on to describe a few of the adventures she has experienced over the years.
Jennifer's first adventure occurred when she was 21 years old when she moved back in with her parents after completing her degree. Living in her parent's basement just wasn't working for her so she decided she was going to ride her bike to the Yukon (from Calgary). Her parents supported her decision and took her to the bike shop to purchase her bike for the adventure. Jennifer then spent the next several weeks biking around Calgary. When she told her friends about her adventure, Jennifer mentioned that they told her it was not a good idea. Ignoring this, Jennifer set out on her first big adventure. She was doing well but one day she woke up on the side of the highway. Not remembering how she ended up there, Jennifer began to retrace her steps and realized that she had passed out from exhaustion. She started to eat, felt better and told herself to never quit while crying.
Jennifer went on to share stories of other adventures she experienced.  From being judged for being a woman attempting to complete a trek, to sharing meals with locals, to cycling alongside a famous athlete, Jennifer learned many life lessons as a result of her adventures and looks forward to many more in the future. One of her favourite quotes is "Everything seems impossible until it is done" (Nelson Mandela). If you would like to learn more about Jennifer's adventures, follow her on social media.
Tom Martin, then shared highlights from his time as president. Tom was a president 35 years ago when Rotary was a men's only club. He shared stories of memorable fundraisers and how some things were similar and different from how we currently run meetings. Meetings occurred at Princess Mary's restaurant and they had 43 members at the start of Tom's term. By the end of Tom's term, membership had increased to 54 members. Tom concluded his presentation by sharing that Rotary has been a very important part of his life.