Discover the world of Indigenous Storytelling
May 08, 2024
Charlene SanJenko,Founder & CEO Lead, reGEN impac
Discover the world of Indigenous Storytelling

Charlene SanJenko is an Indigenous Storyteller, Impact Producer, and Media Visionary. Born in the community of Splatsin in the Shuswap Nation, Charlene is a two-time founder and a veteran in the social impact space.

She is a former two-term municipal politician in Gibsons, BC, and a community economic-development enthusiast. Charlene’s 20-year+ commitment to the expansion of human potential can be summarized as: "Our imagination expands our greatness; as we SEE possibility, we BELIEVE more deeply."

Through her second company, reGEN impact media, Charlene is exploring where the vehicles of media-tech and inclusive innovation intersect to lift society and shift our future’s narrative through the return to the sacred art of storytelling fuelled by the power of media and highest use of technology’s tools.

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