What’s wrong with our healthcare system?
Jul 27, 2022
Karen Morgan
What’s wrong with our healthcare system?

It’s the question of the day, and can be helpfully understood if looked at through the lens of three themes:  

1. Medicare is not as old you think and is much more fragile than you might realize;

2. Generational change has led doctors to want different things out of their careers; and

3. Politics has undermined our system, almost from the beginning.



Karen Morgan,

Interim Executive Director, Shoreline Medical Society, Saanich Peninsula (formerly President & CEO, Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation)


Karen has lived on the Saanich Peninsula for 22 years and counting. She started life in Toronto, getting her B.A. at Trent University a very long time ago. After working in publishing sales, she began moving west, getting her M.B.A. At the University of Manitoba a long time ago, and returning to editing and marketing in the publishing industry.
After having two beautiful daughters, she tried her hand at politics. She loved door- knocking, so ran for parliament twice, but was much more effective as an appointed member of the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy.
Happily, as Churchill said “failure is not fatal”, and after losing twice to the Reform Party, she found a career in fundraising. With her knowledge of fundraising for her two political campaigns, she went on to raise funds for organizations as diverse as the Burns Bog Society and the Fraser Institute, and then moved to Vancouver Island to lead the Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation for 21 years. She met her partner in life and work, Tim Maloney, through membership in the Association for Fundraising Professionals, an important organization to them both.
She has an extensive volunteer background, having led (happily for only one year) the Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club, sat on non-profit boards, task forces and even a couple of municipal commissions (airport and planning). Karen and Tim have spent time “clowning around” and making balloon animals, mostly as volunteers (though they did get paid once by the Town of Sidney!).
But in the end, nothing (not even retirement) is as important to Karen as a strong healthcare system in this country.