Aug 28, 2019
Georgina Patko
What is Cohousing?

Georgina Patko Bio

Georgina Patko is a member of Harbourside Rotary and the Executive Director of Connections Place.  She has 25 years of non-profit management experience in a variety of roles. Her goals are always to work in an environment that satisfies her soul as well as helping to make the world a better place.She has done management consulting for various non-profits. Helping them be as efficient and effective as possible.She recently completed a contract with Progress Place In Toronto where she worked on building public awareness to support human resource development.  Her specialities includefund development for non-profits, community/public relations, communications,Board Development and trainingand community engagement.

What is Cohousing

Georgina moved to Vancouver Island last year with plans to retire to Sooke and prepare for moving into the cohousing development she was planning. The retirement plan was thwarted when she was offered what turned out to be the most rewarding work of her career at Connections Place, but plans for cohousing are still firmly on track and she’s going to share with us the reasons she believes this is such a fabulous opportunity for people who are interested In living their best life as they age in place.