Oct 11, 2017
Kevan Matheson
Speakers Series - Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

My name is Kevan, and after nearly a decade of pursuing my 'dream job' in Institutional Finance, I quit to focus my analytical efforts on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It is not often that revolutionary new technologies are created that have the potential to disrupt entire industries, and like many, I believe that is exactly what we are experiencing right now. 

I previously worked on the Institutional team at RBC Global Asset Management, an Investment manager with nearly $400 billion in assets under management. Prior to that I worked in Enterprise Sales at a data analytics company, where I got my first taste of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

As an Institutional Analyst at RBC, I had the opportunity to be one of the first people to become involved with the 'Next Generation Asset Management' team based in Singapore. This team was created to focus exclusively on studying Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and how it could impact our industry.