Hotel Industry in Greater Victoria.  STR Impact
Apr 24, 2024
Bill Lewis
Hotel Industry in Greater Victoria. STR Impact

"The Hotel Association of Greater Victoria serves as the collective voice of hotels within Greater Victoria and its surrounding municipalities.”
Bill Lewis, Chair

Bill will speak on the health of the industry and impact of new short term rental regulations in the province. 

Bill Lewis has a diverse background in the hotel business with more than 25 years of experience, including more than 15 years in management roles. His career began with roles in food and beverage service, before he moved in to front office-related roles. He is known for his upbeat, hands-on and relaxed leadership style, which has contributed to increasing market share in every hotel he has managed. He has a strong background in revenue management and a strategic approach to marketing and electronic distribution. He specializes in leadership and team building, strategic planning, online marketing, reputation management and social media.  He is currently the general manager of The Magnolia Hotel & Spa, and Chair of the Hotel Association of Greater Victoria.