Each of the Board members presented their goals for the year. Each preceded their presentation by telling us about a special skill they have, their greatest fear and best professional moment.


President Lisa Collins was first up. Lisa's special skill is baking an award winning apple pie. Her fear is a repetitive nightmare about having to sit an exam and not being prepared. Her greatest professional moment was being appointed Queen's Counsel in Manitoba the last year QCs were appointed. Lisa listed the executive for this year. She has an objective of attracting 12 new members, a fundraising goal of $50,000 for local grants and $25,000 for Rotary International. She is planning to continue the Speaker Series.

President Elect David Cheatley's special skill is being a jack of all trades. His fear is fear itself and his best professional moment may never come. David is focused on the Strategic Pland, making sure it will come to fruition.

Secretary Lauren Moline's special skill is martial arts. She is afraid of cotton balls and her best professional moment was changing the mind of an older military guy when she was a young fundraiser at United Way. Her role is to record Board minutes and decisions and to maintain club records. She will continue to focus on vocational service.

Treasurer Keith Phillips' special skill is his ability to use humour to diffuse tension. He fears audits and his best professional moment was leading a team in a successful appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. His role is to monitor and report on the club's financial situation. He is looking for an assistant to learn the job this year in preparation for taking over next year. Keith intends to hand off a good package to his successor.

Vice President Murray Tough's special skill is celestial navigation (actually knows how to use those gizmos so many boaters take along just in case.) Murray's fear is nightfall at sea (the transition between day and night) and his best professional moment was winning the Greater Victoria Chamber's award for outstanding customer service. Murray's role is fundraising chair. All the major club fundraisers are managed by good chairs so Murray's job is fairly easy.

Club Administrator Director Cheryl Thomas' special skill is that she can play two different rhythms at the same time. Her fear is small underground caves and her best professional moment is being MBA Mom to students around the world. She is in charge of speakers, the speaker series, the relationship with the Union Club (subbed to Richard Burke), the duty roster and the sarge. All are managed by good people.

Communications Director Troy Alexander's special skill is bartender extraordinaire (sometime he even gets paid.) His fear is being eaten by a shark and for his best professional moment he wondered if this is a trick question. He did mention meeting Prince Andrew and having him star at his wife's boobs. Troy is in charge of public relations - sends our media releases, manages social media, the club director and the website and oversees the Bulletin.

Community Service Director Robin Cushing's special skill is going with the flow and always creating fun. Her fear is being fearless and her best professional moment is her 5 years in real estate and being in the top 30 in Victoria as well as testimonials from clients. She oversees all activities and donations benefitting the local community, hands on projects like school breakfasts and building things, Foundation/club liaison and the literacy initiatives.

Youth Service Director Gillian Manson's (looking amazingly like Lauren) special skill is embarrassing people. Her fear is women and her greatest professional moment was achieving qualification for under $80 million. Gillian is in charge of new generations initiatives including RYLA, Rotaract, Adventure in Citizenship, scholarships and Youth Exchange. She is going to involve previous recipients in programming.

Membership Director Wayne Shillington's special skill is talking to and listening to people. His fear is anything that leads to motion sickness and his best professional moments have been inspirational conversations with college students throughout his career. Wayne is in charge of new member orientation, recruitment and engagement, alumni relations and the wellness committee (ably managed by Jim Warr). Wayne is also responsible for social activities - club in a pub, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, the Xmas party and BBQs.

International Director Pieta VanDyke's special skill is that she can sew anything. She is afraid of death by drowning and her best professional moment when she was representing BC at the 1st International Workshop of the UN Human Rights Committee. Now her best moment is not running out of coffee when she is serving coffee at the Our Place coffee bar. Pieta is responsible for international projects. The community forestry nursery in Comayagua, Honduras is finished. The project training moms and high school grads in business skills in Teguicigalpa, Honduras is in its final year. This project has invested over $100,000 annually, $10,000 from our club and the remainder from other clubs and RI. Our new project is a micro finance project in Antigua Guatemala. The annual UNIENDO Project Fair will be in Nicaragua from Jan 29-31 this year - members are welcome to attend. Project Unity - with 11 local clubs that have international projects meets every other month.