Judge Gerald Pash presented to the club.


Judge Gerald Pash gave the club a great history on when the 1st Citizenship Act was created on January 1, 1947. Prior to this Canadians born pre-1945 were not 'technically' Canadian. Judge Pash explained how Paul Martin Sr. came to create the first act based on how Canadian Soldiers who died serving in WWII were laid to rest. He felt they were not recognised as Canadians at their burial & thus the first Act was created.

Harbourside Rotary Members learned many things about the Citizenship Act from what it takes to become a Canadian Citizen to understanding what Canada expects in return for granting ones Citizenship.  Many foreigners covet the Canadian Passport which can be at times the sole reason for trying to secure Canadian Citizenship.

The Citizenship Act will soon require a person to have their 'boots on the ground in Canada' 183 days per year for 4 of 6 years as part of their application. A person will also have to pass a knowledge test on Canada as well.

A very thorough and insightful presentation.


Thank you Judge Pash.