Cheryl Thomas provided a brief power point presentation on the history and status of the Project.
    - The church building was closed for 14 years due to forced closure for earthquake preparedness issues.  The Thrift shop has been successful but perhaps not sustainably and without proper approvals from the municipality.  
    - a Feasibility study was conducted in 2016 leading to an August 2018 application for rezoning leading to development.  That application is now in progress.  In Oak Bay, expectation is such applications take in the range of 18 months.  
    - There was substantial community input into the project - forums, surveys, meetings, open houses, etc.  That element remains ongoing and a continued challenge.  Cheryl acknowledged our members including Chris Causton, Andrew Turner and Wayne Ford who participated on an advisory committee.  
   - The current project is 97 units, with a significant portion being affordable with emphasis on seniors (particularly those unable to stay in their homes), new families, recent college graduates, etc.  A Housing Society will run the housing portion in conjunction with the church.  
    - This project has been Cheryl's life for a long while now.  The long process is expected to continue with success not assured however it is clear that good work has been done for the good of the community.  If you are interested or wish to support this, Cheryl suggests you contact Oak Bay councillors or the mayor to show your support.