Gillian Manson gave her classification talk, and she had us all entranced with entertaining stories about her life.    She asked that it not be written in the bulletin, so we will respect her wishes, but I can tell you that she is very smart, and is passionate about sailing, and gardening and is a talented musician.  She made her living in finance and accounting, and managed gas station in her youth.  She has born in the UK, and lived in Montreal, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver and has at least 2 children, although she only got up to about age 35 in her talk before Mary dragged her from the podium.  She may in fact have more than that.    

If you snoozed in that morning, you loose, but hopefully she will do a second installment soon so we can hear about the rest of her life to date.  If you want to know more, sit beside her at breakfast some time (maybe lots of times) and ask her about herself.