Harbourside Rotary Victoria held a special meeting to award $107,100 in Community Grants. This was the first time that the Club and the Harbourside Foundation had invited all recipients to receive their cheques in a single ceremony. A total of twelve community groups will benefit from the Foundations investments and Harboursides' fund raising efforts this morning.


President Mary handed the microphone to Robin Cushing and Maureen Duncan who jointly introduced the Clubs' 2014 Community Grant awards.

With the aid of a power point presentation, Robin explained how the system functions whereby community non-profit associations and other groups can apply to Harbourside for financial assistance for specific projects and/or to offset their operational costs. Maureen Duncan explained that the monies being distributed this morning are given jointly by the club from its fund raising efforts, and from the  Harbourside Rotary Club Foundation. Those receiving grants for 2014 were:

George Jay Elementary      $15,000   for (a) creativity and innovation in student learning, (b) opportunities for students at risk, and (c) to advance literacy.

Ecole Quadra Elementary   $14,000   for (a) the inclusion of aboriginal art in new landscaping and (b) for new IT equipment

Victoria Boys 'n Girls Club  $12,000   to help defray the cost of installing a new floor in the club house.

NEED2 Suicide prevention  $10,000   to help expand programmes in youth suicide prevention.

George Jay/Quadra Village Community Centre  $7,500   to help defray the cost of the youth summer support programme.

Central Middle School $7,500  to fund the creation of a Naturalized Play Area for CMS.

Scouts Canada   $7,500   to repair and renew the swimming/canoe dock at Camp Barnard.

The Victoria Brain Injury Society  $7,000 to help fund their music therapy /therapist programme.   

The Mustard Seed Church/Food bank $5,000  to help fund the renovation of their 'wellness station' for clients with health issues.

Young Parents Support Network  $5,000    to defray costs of wages for their parenting and life skills outreach programme.

The Family Caregivers Society Network $1,100  to fund the purchase and installation of carpeting in their offices.

The Victoria West Community Centre  $16,000   to help fund their ongoing programme: "New youth - Finding yourself by helping others".

President Mary concluded the awards presentations by congratulating all the recipients, and thanking them for the vital work they do in the community. She spoke of the value of the partnership which Rotary generally and this club in particular maintains with many community groups and non-profits,and  which ultimately makes for a more caring and livable community. She expressed the hope that these partnerships will be nurtured and grow in the future; she looks forward to when award presentations such as today's event, will become a much anticipated annual event for our club. She asked for a special round of applause for Robin Cushing who worked on the power point presentation till 4:00 a.m. this morning. The members responded enthusiastically.