Today, we are focusing on all the good work Rotary does in the world.  The Rotary Foundation manages Rotary’s global programs, a necessity with so many humanitarian needs in the world.  Our club has always been strong in this area.  Let's look at what we have accomplished of late and consider continuing that work by donating to TRF and the Annual Fund.
Doing Good in the World – Mary Coward
Today, we are focusing on all the good work Rotary does in the world.  The Rotary Foundation manages Rotary’s global programs, a necessity with so many humanitarian needs in the world.  Our club has always been strong in this area. 
We are kicking off our Spring annual campaign. Last year members gave $20,000 to the Annual Fund. Rotary has a goal of Every Rotarian Every Year. So far this year 54 members of the club have donated. Let’s get to 100% this year. 
We want to show you what our donations have achieved and can achieve.
Mary introduced Sylan Lutz is a recently awarded Ambassadorial Scholar. With sponsorship from Dr. Steve Holland, Sylvan got a $15,000 scholarship along with an addition $15,000 in Global Grant, both funded through your donations. Sylvan joined us via Zoom (from Spain) to introduce himself and promise he will come in person to give a longer talk before he starts school in Fall.
Sylvan acknowledged his is the 6th Ambassadorial Scholar for District 5020. He will be studying at the London School of Economics and is inspired to address the global climate crisis. He is a Victoria native and attended Reynolds Secondary where his recreation activities on Vancouver Island gave him a passion for environmental protection. This was furthered when he spent time learning (Ottawa University – Political Science and Economics) and working in Ottawa (as a parliamentary assistant) and became more aware of the need to address these issues on systemic level.  He plans to focus on carbon mitigation policies to support human wellbeing and planetary health and talked about how this aligns in all areas of the Rotary Areas of Focus.
Mary told the club that Rotary’s Disaster Relief Fund has been working in response to the war in Ukraine, supporting Ukrainians, and helping Poland and surrounding areas with relief efforts. To this, our Club contributed $10,000 with a District total of $184,467.  Donations to the Disaster Relief Fund count toward club contributions and Paul Harris status.
The Annual Fund also supports international projects through Global Grants. Our club is a leader in the District in sponsoring Global Grants with 5, representing $400,000 in projects launched with only $100,000 in club funds. We are presently working in Honduras, Guatemala, Liberia, Togo, and Tanzania – where club members have connections and experience.
Kristi Philpott presented on the Beekeeping Project in Liberia she is leading.
Last year was our first year on this project. In Liberia, 83% people live below international poverty line and have an average income of $1.70 USD/day.   There is demand for honey in Liberia. As a side benefit, agriculture depends on bees and beekeeping is less expensive and less time consuming than other types of agriculture, so it can be done as a second job. An apiary of 20-30 hives gives an income comparable to that of a Liberian school teacher. Universal Outreach Foundation is our partner. They are involved in many types of programs in Liberia. They started the beekeeping project with 4 people and now there are 2200+ beekeepers (see in 25 programs. After 3 years, 90% still farming bees. Most will make $100 USD /year (15% increase)– some will make as much as $600.
Our project was to teach 5 women and 5 men to farm bees in 60 hives in the Jabor-Jarkei area. They did an assessment in July for our project and undertook training in sustainable practices in September last year. 16 of the hives colonized immediately. We look forward to a harvest next year and have a longer term goal to add 300 hives.  In January 20 villagers and 50 people from other nearby villages came to join the training – so there is great interest in this. The Project Unity Committee and Rotary Clubs in Sooke and Sidney want to help. If we raise our TRF support to $200/member, we raise our District Grant support which we hope to draw on for this project.
Mary shared our Annual Fund goals for this year.
Annual Fund Goal $6,000 USD in May 2022 for annual goal of $18,000 USD. 
Incentives: $100 or more gives you an additional 100 recognition points from club and with $500 or more - $100 CDN from club to first 10 donors. An email with details will follow.
Mary spoke about donor recognition through the Paul Harris Fellow awards. $1000 USD contribution gives you 1000 points which earns a PHF recognition. There are 8 levels, then you become a major donor when your contributions reach $10,000 USD.  In our club 71 of 94 members are PHF and we have 6 major donors. The club gets recognition points also and we can award PHF to community leaders or recognize our own members for their achievements.
Please consider becoming a regular contributor to the Rotary Foundation!