"Empowering Women for Economic Independence: Rotary Clubs Unite for Change"

In Guatemala, our Rotary Club is on a mission to empower women through micro-credit loans and essential business training. We recognize the potential within every woman to thrive economically, given the right support and resources.

Collaborating with Rotarians from the San Miguel de Heredia and Tegucigalpa Clubs in Honduras, as well as Victoria-Harbourside, we're proud to support the HELP projects. These initiatives aim to provide Economic Opportunity Training (EOT) and Job Search Training (JST) to families scavenging in the Tegucigalpa city dumps.

Through these trainings, women are equipped with the skills necessary to either secure employment or start their own small businesses. By increasing their incomes and enhancing their quality of life, these women can break the cycle of poverty and provide better opportunities for their children.

Our collective efforts are focused on creating sustainable change and empowering women to become agents of economic independence in their communities. Together, we believe in the power of education, entrepreneurship, and support networks to uplift and transform lives.

Join us as we work towards a future where every woman has the opportunity to thrive, support her family, and contribute to the prosperity of her community. Together, we can make a difference that lasts for generations to come.