Vice President Lisa Collins presented the Board's Strategic Plan for the next three years.  The strategic planning process began in the spring, with a questionnaire that was completed by 63 members.  This was followed by a one day "Visioning" exercise, facilitated by trained District 5020 facilitators, and attended by 22 club members. 



Lisa indicated that there are four key components to each element of the Strategic Plan - 1. The Strategy, 2. The Goal, 3. the Tasks required to reach the goal, 4. the Result (at the end of the year).

There are five sections to the Strategic Plan - Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, Youth Service, and International Service.  The plan includes the names of 39 members who are tasked with responsibility for various elements of the plan.

Highlights and examples:


End Goal




1.2 Board


1.2.1 We have sound strategic and operating plans

The Club has a rolling three-year strategic plan and annual operating plans

Work with Board members to obtain input and delineate firs year tasks in the operating plan


Lisa Collins

1.3 Communications

1.3.1 Members are informed and up-to-date on meetings

We publish the Bulletin every week within 4 days of the meeting

Ensure Bulletin Editors complete bulleting in a timely manner


Steve Holland

1.4 Meetings

1.4.4 Members are involved in running the Club

Every member participated in running the Club during the past year

Members are assigned club meeting duties on a rotation


Dave Iles (duty roster)

Randy Decksheimer (sarge duties)

1.6 Membership Services

1.6.1 We grow the Club to ensure we have enough members to be effective and achieve the goals

We have sufficient new members to sustain our membership at approx. 100

Develop and use a Harbourside 3X5 card containing club info\implement a H'side member elevator speech initiative\explore new models of membership

Cards are used with speakers and other guests\every member has a personal elevator speech\new models are developed and endorsed by the Club

Wayne Shillington

Andrew Bekes in collaboration with Communications

3.1 Fundraising

3.1.1 We raise enough funds to make a significant difference in the local community

We raise at least $60,000 in each year

Establish an ad hoc c'tee to assess curent and past fundraising and identify new fundraising ideas

Carry out 3 fundraisers this year - cakes, roses, and garage sale

Consider whether to do one or two other fundraisers this year.


John Heraghty





Roses - Andrew Turner, Natasha Crawford, cakes - Ann Moskow, garage sale - Lauren Moline


David Cheatley


3.2 Community Donations and Projects

3.2.1 The Board funds local projects in accordance with member direction

We spend 70% of the funds raised by the Club on local projects

Yearly approved budget


Robin Cushing

Board and Treasurer

5.1 The Rotary Foundation

We support the goal of "Every Rotarian Every Year"

10% increase per year in the number of members contributing

Collect data on number ofmembrs contributing

Report regularly on the proportion of members donating


Doug Lunam


Provided above are some examples of the strategies included in the strategic plan.  Any member who wishes to have a copy may contact Lisa, and she will email it.

Lisa noted that the Areas of Key Focus are -        Membership, and Fundraising (Funraising, Friendraising)

During the discussion one member stated that he is pleased that it will be a rolling three year plan and will be constantly updated.  There was a question as to why we are aiming for 90% satisfaction with the club - why not 100%?  The answer was that currently we do not have any measures on this factor, so the first year we need to develop baselines.  Another question was about the 70-30 split between local and international projects - does this include the funding that the Foundation provides locally? Answer - no.