This Rotary Club project helps educate 2,000 of the poorest children living in Teguciagalpa, Honduras.  For information on this program, please click "more", below. 

If you wish to donate, instructions are at the end of this article.  If you have questions, or require further information please send an e-mail with your telephone number to   We will contact you by telephone to answer your questions. 


The Honduras HELP program had it's beginnings in 1992, when Donald Kaminsky, a physician, and a member of the Tegucigalpa Rotary Club, applied for a Rotary grant to study the problems of health and education for the families who made their living in the local market.    He found that most of these kids did not go to school, because parents could not afford the cost of uniforms, shoes and school supplies, and because they wanted their children to help them in the market.   Many of these children ended up joining gangs, selling and using drugs, or becoming prostitutes. 
The program was called Alternatives Y Opportunities (AYO) and began by convincing the parents that it would be beneficial for their children to go to school.  They provided the uniforms and school supplies needed, if the parents signed a commitment to allow and encourage their children to go to school.  Progress of each child was followed by AYO. 
Over the years, the program has expanded to include basic medical care; training in nutrition, hygiene, and parenting; counselling and volunteer tutoring.  The program now works in four markets, as well as the area around the municipal dump, where many families earn their living scavenging on the dump.
 In 2011, a new program is beginning, which provides training in business skills for parents of the children, most of whom are single mothers.  In this pilot project, 120 women will be given training.  Ten of them will be taught sewing skills and will start their own business; and 30 of them will be given opportunities to develop business plans and apply for microcredit for their businesses.   It is our hope that these women will eventually earn enough money to pay for their own childrens' education, and have a better quality of life
AYO is run by a volunteer board of directors who are all Rotarians.  AYO has a small office and employs educators, counselors, a part-time doctor and office staff.   Each market has a volunteer committee of parents who help AYO connect with the market families, and give invaluable feedback on programs and the needs of the participants.  Program funding is received from Rotary International, CRCID, GOAL, the Government of Honduras, and private individuals. 
Today, the program serves approximately 2,000 children, the poorest of the poor in Tegucigalpa, and gives them the tools to make a better life for themselves and their families.  Of the 2,000 children currently enrolled in the program, approximately 1,000 are sponsored by Rotary.  The rest are sponsored by CRCID (Canadian Government and Rotary working together), or private individual sponsors.  There are approximately 350 unsponsored children in the program this year, and we need your help. 

It only costs $100 Canadian per year to sponsor a child in elementary school,

$200 for Secondary School to grade 11,

$250 for Grade 12 or vocational training,

$300 for university.  
To sponsor a child, please go to .   and follow the directions below.

This will direct you to the Squamish Rotary Club Foundation.                              Click on "donate now", and then "fund designation".                                         Select "Tegucigalpa Market Children "Honduras" from the drop down menu, and complete the rest of the form as requested.   

100% of your funds will be sent to AYO to purchase uniforms and school supplies for your child.  You will receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps, and a certificate and a photograph of the child you have sponsored. 

The children and parents are extremely grateful for the opportunities they have been given.