Jack Shore talks about Leadership Victoria and its role in the community.


Jack Shore, Executive Director of Leadership Victoria, spoke on the role of the organization and plans for the upcoming (February 26th) awards presentation. He began with a video providing a brief history of the organization since it was created over ten years ago. Leadership Victoria came together out of a partnership of the University of Victoria, the Victoria Foundation, the Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria and the United Way. It is based on the idea that people need role models.

Leadership Victoria’s main event is the annual awards ceremony. It is supported by three main committees: steering, nominating and selection. 35 nominees are being considered this year. The awards include Lifetime achievement, the Victoria Foundation Community Leadership award (for organizations), U-Vic awards (2), Rotary awards (2), the United Way award, the Van City Youth award, the Royal Roads award (for mentoring & coaching), and the Leadership Victoria alumni award. Members Chris Causton and Colin Smith have both been recipients of Leadership Victoria awards. This year’s events will begin with a dinner at Government House (Feb 25) and end with the presentation event on the evening of February 26.

Leadership Victoria offers a nine-month core program and has now graduated 256 alumni. The program focuses on collaboration skills, innovation and creativity. The Rainbow Kitchen is one of the prime examples of Leadership Victoria’s projects (initiated seven years ago). Jack quoted George Patton: “It’s all about the stories.”

Jack ended with: “Kindness is more important than wisdom. From wisdom comes kindness.”