The future of the Inner Harbour


Mayor Dean Fortin’s Presentation on the Future of Victoria’s Inner Harbour


Victoria Harbourside was pleased to welcome Mayor Dean Fortin who let us know what the City has been up to in terms of future plans for our wonderful inner harbour! We learned this is more then just the “Blue Bridge!” There are 3 key strategic sites around the harbour that are being looked at:

1)   Belleville Terminal

2)   Ships Point

3)   Lower Wharf St. area ( Northern Junk buildings )


There is also David Foster Way – which is envisioned to have a multitude of touch points through out that will allow visitors and locals alike to enjoy our harbour & learn of it’s history.


There’s no shortage of money required to accomplish these goals & there are 97 owners of the property that encompasses our Inner Harbour.  Not an easy task! Both federal and provincial money will be needed.


The City of Victoria’s website has more information on this.