Adventures in Citizenship Report

Jane Sterk introduced Zack Schmit who attended the Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa last month.  His application essay on 'What It Means To Be Canadian' was very insightful for a 17 year old.  Zack is in the Army Cadets and will be traveling to England to participate in the Marksman competition.

Zack reported that he was very excited to take part in the program and was packed weeks in advance.  The 4 days felt like 4 months because the four days were so packed with activities.  Highlights included the parliament buildings, the Rideau Shopping Centre, a statue that caught his eye was Sir Andrew Hamilton Gault who founded the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry -- Zack's home regiment, sitting in the MPs seats in parliament, talking with the Chief Clerk and Head Librarian, the architecture, the Citizenship ceremony where all races, gendres and origins were proudly becoming Canadians.  He thanked the club for the opportunity to meet so many people in such a unique experience.  

Update on Strategic Plan by Lisa Collins

Lisa started her presentation saying that she had attended the Experience in Citizenship when she was in Grade 11 from a small town in Manitoba.  

Details on the Strategic Plan can be found on the club website. 

The Strategic Plan started with a Visioning process a year ago.  Then a 3 year operating plan was developed for each year.  These were put on a spreadsheet by the Spreadsheet Queen, Ann Moskow.  

HIghlights from this year:

1. Club Business

  • The Speaker's Series
  • Survey of member satisfaction
  • Development of a Finance Committee to work with the Treasurer
  • Started work on the Club Constitution and Bylaws

2. Membership

  • Recruitment of 3 new members
  • Looking at options for 'Members with Babies'
  • Development of an Orientation Checklist
  • Continuing to look at options for membership/engagement

3. Community Service

  • Revamped the website for funding requests
  • 3 successful fundraisers which raised over $20,000 for local projects

4. Youth

  • Continued improvement in relationship with Rotaract
  • Potter Scholarship
  • RYLA
  • Experience in Citizenship
  • Youth Exchange (in cooperation with the region)

5. International

  • Met the target for 30% of monies going to international programs
  • 7 members attended the Rotary Fair
  • The Committee is very active
  • $21,000 from the Piper's Auction was sent to Rotary International
  • 26 kids have been supported in Guatemala.

6. Survey results - response rate approximately 50%

  • 91% said there was good spirit in the club
  • 86% were very satisfied and 12% were somewhat satisfied with the Board, although some were unaware of the Board responsibilities
  • 77% were very satisfied and 19% were somewhat satisfied with the communication.  The goal is to improve this.
  • 49% were very satisfied, 31% were somewhat satisfied and 20% were satisfied with the speakers for the meetings.  They were very satisfied with the Speaker's Series but there needed to be more inspiring messages re:  Rotary.
  • 62% were very satisfied and 29% were somewhat satisfied with the food.  People were interested in a cheaper option for those not taking the full buffet.
  • 92% were satisfied with the opening process.
  • 49% were satisfied, 14% were somewhat satisfied and 37% weren't satisfied with the closing process.  Options will be investigated

Next steps:  the new Board will update the goals for the next 3 years and the specific tasks for the next year.