Ian Robertson, CEO, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority was introduced by Cheryl Thomas.
Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, a not-for-profit organization, owns and operates deep water, marina, and upland holdings throughout Victoria's harbour.
The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority is a non-profit society that is committed to the stewardship and sustainable growth of Victoria’s dynamic working harbour.
It manages 130 acres of  land which was taken over from the federal government in 2002. It has eight member agencies: Esquimalt Nation, Songhees Nation, Capital Regional District, City of Victoria, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Victoria, Township of Esquimalt, and the Victoria/Esquimalt Harbour Society.  It manages the Breakwater, Cruise Ship terminal, public boat launches, Fisherman's Wharf and the inner harbour up to the blue bridge.  
They have $15.3 million in revenue and $12 million in operating costs and attempt to be self sustaining.  They pay $1 million in property taxes to the City of Victoria.  68% of their revenue is from cruise ships, followed by Fisherman's Wharf and the inner harbour.  They maintain the breakwater, customs dock and the lower causeway.  The lower causeway is expected to need $20 million in maintenance in the next decade.  
The cruise ship terminal accommodates over 700,000 passengers per year in 30 vessels.  Alaska is the fastest growing route.  It is seen as a very safe destination. A Cruise Ship Emissions Study revealed that the majority of emissions occur at the dock so they are preparing a shore power business case. In 2019,  45 % of vessels were capable of using shore power.   In the future new ships will be powered by LNG.  By 2030 cruise lines should be able to reduce emissions by 40%.