Two of the Rotaracters, Katie Sharpe and Lance Shaver, gave a presentation on the Rotaract Club at UVic. 

President Paul  introduced our speakers.   

Kate mentioned that half of Rotaracters have been involved in Rotary in some way in the past -- either as exchange students or scholarships.  Rotaract clubs are either Community-based or University-based.  UVic's club is both.  There are 37 active members who meet every Monday evening.  They have numerous projects on the go.  This year, they have chosen sanitation and water as their international project in Haiti and Uganda.  They have also funded a local doctor taking supplies into Vanuatu.  The focus of the club tends to focus on the passions of the members, of which there is significant turnover.

Lance mentioned that the UVic club wants to focus even more collaborative efforts.  At the District 5020 Conference last year, they invited Rotaracters from other districts too and it increased engagement, collaboration and support between all the Rotaract clubs.  And, they look forward to more collaboration with the Rotary Clubs.

The UVic Club is 10 years old and because of the high turnover, they are looking at ways to keep the Club history.  In the 10 years, there have been more than 500 members, so their sphere of influence is high.

In question period, Lance was asked about the ratio of men and women.  Lance gave a 'thumbs up' as he was the only male when he joined.  That has not been maintained; but, women continue to be the majority of members.  They were also asked how many of their members have become Rotarians when they enter their professional career.  That was not known, but would be interesting to track.

President Paul  thanked our speakers and presented a certificate highlighting a donation to the Cridge Centre.