Henrik Horkko and Katarina Kurz presented to the Harbourside Rotary Members this morning on their Exchanges as High School Students.  Katarina spent last year in Finland and this year, Henrik, is in Victoria from Finland.
Katarina presented on her year abroad in Finland with five photos to summarize her exchange year:
1) Naantali, Finland - the small town of approx 19,000 people was picturesque with little attractions.  It was just outside of the major centre of Turku.  Katarina loved how compact the town was allowing her to walk or bike ride almost anywhere providing great independence.
2) New Experiences - 2 pictures :) - sauna trips with a jump in the snow (and swimming in a snowstorm) to getting more experience in the local community theatre, the enter year was full of great opportunities.
3) Friends - amazing friends made at each step and ones that will be with Katarina for life.
4) Family - 3 host families all with kids that welcomed Katarina into their homes and hearts. 
Henrik presented on his family and life in Turku, Finland, which he left to come to Victoria for the year.  Henrik's family is made up of three kids, his two siblings are fraternal twins.  He informed the club a bit on his country in general, their love of sports and the sauna as well as made the club rise for the Finnish National Anthem.