Darin Reimer spoke about the Sanctuary Youth Centre at Church OF Our Lord (COOL).
David Murray introduced Darin to speak about this program where David and his wife Heather volunteer. 
Darin first went to Rotary when he was working in the Philippines and he was asked to fill in for a co-worker. He had a troubled youth growing up in a dysfunctional family but, while in the Philippines,  Darin realized that many youth around the world have it worse.  He completed his Master's Degree by studying street children in Manila and Brazil.
In Saskatoon Darin worked at a series of group homes where he began to understand youth who have been abused and traumatized. Asking youth what they need most,  the answer invariably was "someone to listen". 
The Sanctuary Youth Centre has been running for 20 years with a brief closure when a director stepped down due to ill health.  They serve hot meals Friday to Sunday.  They average 17-20 visits per day open.  Staff and volunteers can make referrals to other agencies.  Youth can do laundry, shower and check email.  Every summer they have trips to Camp Imadene , to Duncan for paintballing and Sidney for crabbing.
Darin sees an unmet need for services to youth who age out of the foster care system and also for a group for girls only.
He referred to the attachment theory which suggests that a strong emotional bond with at least one parent is critical to children's development and the absence of this bond can lead to youth attaching to peers for support.  He gave some examples for youth who were attempting to take care of each other. 
Darin concluded by offering to show Rotarians around the centre.  Miles thanked Darin and said he will organize a time for a visit. 
Pieta VanDyke  thanked our speaker and presented him with a card and (ironically) a meal at Our Place , which can't serve those under 19.