Posted on Nov 20, 2019
Tod Litman , Victoria Transport Policy Institute  - presentation on Smart Climate Action.
Todd Litman  visited with an informative presentation on local policies for achieving transportation emission reduction targets.  Tod is with the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, and independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems.  He refers us to "Cities for Everyone " for more information.
The CRD has Travel Change and Emission Reduction Targets:  reduce GHG emissions 91% below 2007 levels by 2038,  increase transit mode share to 12% and double walking and bicycling by 2030.   Victoria targets are to have 55% of trips by cycling or walking and 25% by transit by 2041 and to have 100% of vehicles be renewably powered by 2050. 
Tod recommends a two pronged approach: reduce vehicle travel and change vehicles to low emission models. Shifting to alternative vehicles results in energy conservation and pollution reduction.  A smart policy can provide other benefits. We can encourage people to drive less by providing quality alternatives such as Improving walking conditions for children going to school and encouraging ride and bike sharing. He recommends Transit Oriented Development - creating walkable neighbourhoods along transit corridors. Current building and zoning codes have  minimum parking requirements for developers.  These could be reduced in certain neighbourhoods where alternative transportation options are available. To encourage increased use of low emission vehicles we need to increase the number of public charging stations. Traffic reduction programs can also benefit motorists by reducing congestion and improving road safety. 
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