Karla Dolinsky gave us a very timely presentation on Understanding Anxiety.  
Karla introduced us to what happens in the body when it is alarmed by a
negative stressor. She talked about the 5-f's, fight, flight, freeze,
flop, friend. She then introduced the topic of the coronavirus and
looked at how it might affect us through this lens.  She then taught us
2 grounding practices that we can use every day to bring calm to our
bodies and become more aware of how our body holds any anxiety.
The Powerpoint presentation is on the our Facebook site, so please check
it out for information that might have been missed. You can pause the

Also, Karla is happy to be available to answer any questions or offer
quick guidance if anyone wants more information for free. Please feel
free to contact her via text or phonecall at 250-507-9007