The Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside Rotary Mega Garage Sale is May 13, 2023. We can't wait to see you at Victoria's most unique community event.  We are proud that we can make good things happen through low priced recycling of clothing and household items.  And we make enough at the sale to help fund some of our community projects like the breakfast and lunch programs at Central Middle School.  And note that we follow all public health guidelines with your safety our #1 priority.

Item Donations 

Friends across the region tell us their garages and storage areas are bulging with donations earmarked for the Rotary Mega Garage Sale. We look forward to receiving your still-useful-to-someone items and turning them into good works that change lives for the better.

How to Donate

One hundred percent of the more than 1,000's of items for sale at the Victoria Harbourside Rotary Club Mega Garage Sale are donated by generous people like you. For many years, the concept of “Spring Cleaning” has included setting aside valued, but no longer needed, items for the Sale. The Mega Garage Sale is only possible with your item donations. Thank you for your support year after year!
Aside from the limited number of items we cannot accept (see below), we encourage you to collect and, when appropriate, box or bag your donations for delivery by vehicle to Central Middle School at the set time. In boxing and bagging items, please consider:
  • If a bag or box is too heavy for you, it probably will be too heavy for us!
  • If an item has separate parts, please pack them together. With the high number of donations coming in a very short time, it is easy for parts to be separated in the shuffle if they are not packed together.
  • Our shoppers are generally interested in buying items that are in proper working order and appear only gently used.
When you drive through the school's main entrance, you will be greeted by volunteers. They will:
  • Thank you for your item donations.
  • Ask if you have any items we're unable to accept (see below).
  • Ask if you have items subject to disposal fees.
  • Direct you to the Drop Off Zone where your treasures will be offloaded by a team of volunteers.
The Drop Off Zone is a very busy place. Please drive slowly, watch out for others, and follow the guidance you receive on where to position your vehicle. Please turn off your ignition prior to getting out of your vehicle.
Volunteers will help unload your boxes and bags of items.  Volunteers are eager to help, and it would be helpful if you:
  • Point out the items you are donating to ensure they are the only things removed from your vehicle.
  • Provide the volunteers with information about any item you feel needs careful (fragile) or special (valuable) handling.
After all your donations have been offloaded, please proceed to exit the school campus.
A list of items we do not accept:
  • Are ones that are very difficult, if not impossible, to sell (e.g., used wall-to-wall carpet).
  • Are dangerous to handle (e.g., hazardous materials).
  • Need a warranty we are not capable of offering to our shoppers (e.g., infant car seats).
  • Safety-regulated children’s equipment such as strollers, car seats, high chairs, cribs, sports helmets
  • Major appliances, large tv’s, VCRs, PVR’s, sofas, mattresses, box springs, TV stands, exercise equipment, skis and old golf equipment
  • No magazines, textbooks, Readers Digest, Atlas books, or encyclopedias
  • Nothing too large or heavy.  If unsure, call. 250-881 4109 or email
If you have individual items that have a value exceeding $200, consider calling us in advance and we can arrange to offer your goods for sale through other online and used goods venues.  We may also be able to provide charitable tax receipts for such sales items in limited circumstances.  Contact us at the above number to find out more.  After the sale, the remaining goods are provided to local charity organizations, including the Salvation Army, Big Brothers/Sisters, Women’s Transition House, Vincent de Paul Society and the Cridge Centre
We have a Pickup Service to help residents who are not physically able to lift/carry/bring donations to Central Middle School.  Please call to schedule a pick up. 250-881 4109
The donation drop-off schedule:
  • Donations accepted: May 11 and 12, 2023
  • Times: May 11, 2 pm to 5 PM  May 12, 9 am to 5 PM
  • Where: Central Middle School, 1280 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8V 3L2
Thanks for your support.