The Harbourside Rotary Foundation is the Club's own Foundation.  It was originally set up in 1985 but received few contributions or made many donations until 2001.  In that year, Michael Potter contributed $1 million in memory of his father Alan Potter and in honour of his mother, Joan Potter. Alan Potter was a Charter Member of the Club.  This generous donation forms the bulk of the Harbourside Rotary Foundation's funds.
Other bequests have been received and Harboursiders are encouraged to consider the Harbourside Foundation for legacy funding.  Donations have been made in memory of other Harboursiders.   A popular way to support the Harbourside Rotary Foundation is for members to donate an amount equal to their age on their birthdays.
Although it is a separate body, there are strong links between the Harbourside Foundation and the Club itself.  All fully-paid, active Harboursiders are voting members of the Harbourside Foundation.  However, to ensure independence, a member cannot serve concurrently on both Boards.  The only exception is the Club President who can choose to sit on the Harbourside Rotary Foundation Board or can select another Harboursider to serve as an Harbourside Rotary Foundation director.  This appointed Director is a voting member of the Harbourside Rotary Foundation Board and acts as the liaison between the two Boards.  Members elect six Directors for up to two three-year terms.  All Harboursiders are eligible for nomination to the Harbourside Rotary Foundation Board. 
Harbourside Rotary Foundation is bound by the Society Act.  This means that the Harbourside Rotary Foundation can only fund organizations and those organizations must be in British Columbia.  Within that restriction, the Harbourside Rotary Foundation gives priority to projects that benefit the Greater Victoria area.
The Harbourside Foundation may make contributions to organizations it considers to be well managed and whose mandates fit within the Harbourside Foundation's objectives.  This is only done if it is clear that the donation will not set up a reliance on future grants.
The Harbourside Foundation can also provide grants for projects that address a community need in an area such as poverty, education, health and well-being.  Within this, the emphasis has been on supporting youth-oriented projects.
Priority is given to 'start-up' grants, especially those where there are initial capital costs.  
Individual grants range from $5,000 to $20,000 with about $80,000 being donated each year.
Donation requests may be made through the Club's website.