Speaker Date Topic
Kristi Kruger and Julie Findlay Feb 08, 2023
Classification talk
Classification talk
Darren Close - BCREA Feb 15, 2023
Foreign Buyer Exemption - Canadian Real Estate.
Suzanne Bell Feb 22, 2023
What it’s like to be a family with a loved one living with dementia.


This is Founding of Rotary Week to Celebrate Service and Achievements and Peace

Paul Robinson Mar 01, 2023
Getting Island Rail "Back On Track".
Getting Island Rail "Back On Track".

Join us for a discussion with the VITCC (Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition) on the work they have done towards identifying the need for, and public interest in, reinstating Island Rail Service.

The provincial government is quickly approaching a critical decision point and must provide an answer on the future of the island corridor by March 14, 2023. In this webinar VITCC President, Paul Robinson, will outline the benefits reinstating Island rail service including impacts on many of the socio-economic issues identified throughout the island, tourism, and greenhouse gas emissions. VITCC believes that rail is, by far, the most equitable mode of ground-based transportation as there are no age, health, ability, income impediments, and no requirements for vehicle operator ownership, licensing, and associated expenses.  

The VITCC is a non profit advocacy group who’s goal is to resurrect modern, efficient, and low-environmental-footprint rail service to Vancouver Island as the core of the Island's passenger and freight transportation system, integrated with other transportation modes. One which enables and supports diverse, inclusive, and sustainable community economic development and employment.

Paul Robinson grew up in Victoria until the early 1980s – Since then he has moved many times throughout Canada and after nearly 40 years has finally found his way back home. With a strong passion for Vancouver Island history, institutions, community, and economy, Paul has recently opened a local office for his company, Corporate Oasis and, as President of the Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition, has also become heavily involved in the resurrection of commuter, freight, and tourist rail service throughout the island.  With this, among other initiatives, he looks forward to many years of Island life and community engagement.

Lee-Anne Godfrey and Bernadette Allen Mar 08, 2023
Classification Talk
Drew Pomerantz Mar 15, 2023
Methane Emissions: Our Obligation and Our Opportunity in the Energy Transition
Methane Emissions: Our Obligation and Our Opportunity in the Energy Transition

The world has entered an energy transition where the future role of energy sources will depend partially on their greenhouse gas footprint. While that transition is expected to take a generation, some changes will occur quickly. One of the fastest ways to combat climate change is to reduce emissions of methane, not carbon dioxide. Methane is the main component of natural gas and a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.


Laurie Weston Mar 22, 2023
Where are we and where are we going?
Where are we and where are we going?

Twitter Files confirm what we suspected – agenda trumps truth in social media backrooms.

Scott Mcdonald Mar 29, 2023
Reporting Asia from Tokyo to Kabul.
Reporting Asia from Tokyo to Kabul.

Scott McDonald, who grew up in Victoria, was a foreign correspondent for 25 years with Reuters News Agency and Associated Press. He reported across Asia from Japan to Afghanistan, covering everything from wars and coups to elections, plane crashes and the Olympics. He recounts his experiences.

Dennis Truss Apr 05, 2023
Update on the School Food Programme
Jonathan Holiff Apr 12, 2023
Classification talk
Dave Murray Apr 19, 2023
Club Incorporation
TBA Apr 26, 2023
Classification Talks
TBA May 03, 2023
Classification Talk and May Annual Fund campaign.

Ralph Libby will kick off the Annual Fund campaign.

TBA May 10, 2023
Shannon Baillie May 17, 2023
2023 Community Grant Results
TBA May 24, 2023
TBA Jun 07, 2023
Classification Talk
TBA Jun 14, 2023
TBA Jun 21, 2023
Dave/Lorna Jun 28, 2023
Change Over Meeting
TBA Jul 05, 2023